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Thanks! :iconxxwarbraveryxx:xXWarBraveryXx 0 3 Rainbow :iconxxwarbraveryxx:xXWarBraveryXx 0 7 Gleam's Family Tree :iconxxwarbraveryxx:xXWarBraveryXx 1 3
A Vida
A Vida,
Ela é como um jogo.
Tão facilmente é quebrada,
como pode pegar fogo.
Tão rapidamente,
Num segundo,
Um homem se sente...
Revoltado, em relação ao mundo.
Mas nada realmente importa,
Pois um dia,
Ele irá abrir a 'porta',
e revelará o que sentia.
Ele irá mostrar aos outros,
Os que o abandonaram,
Que eles são realmente os monstros,
e quando ele pediu, eles não pararam.
Na verdade,
ele sempre sentiu que algo se passava.
Essa desconfiança já tinha alguma idade,
e lá no fundo, ele chorava...
Enquanto os seus 'amigos',
Um a um, desvaneciam...
Os que sempre o ajudaram contra os perigos...
Um a um, desapareciam...
A Vida,
É um longo obstáculo,
É uma coisa com que se lida,
e com sucesso...
Torna-se um espectáculo.
:iconxxwarbraveryxx:xXWarBraveryXx 0 10
Mature content
Anna/Bloodscale's Family Tree :iconxxwarbraveryxx:xXWarBraveryXx 0 20
Creatures of the Night :iconxxwarbraveryxx:xXWarBraveryXx 0 2 dat triangle :iconxxwarbraveryxx:xXWarBraveryXx 0 7 DETERMINATION! :iconxxwarbraveryxx:xXWarBraveryXx 2 8 GG :iconxxwarbraveryxx:xXWarBraveryXx 1 18 Lucas :iconxxwarbraveryxx:xXWarBraveryXx 0 8 Bill :iconxxwarbraveryxx:xXWarBraveryXx 1 11 Heartbroken :iconxxwarbraveryxx:xXWarBraveryXx 0 6
'The Shadow'
No one knows his name. No one probably ever will (maybe). He's a 7 feet tall shadow man, with a FREAKING MOHAWK. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
You can't really tell what clothing he wears, because it's shadowy aswell.
Sometimes he wears a tophat, a fedora, shades... it depends.
His tale begins when he was... alive. A human. His name was Tobias Soliani (SPOILERZ). But, he was known as... Tobias The Soulless. He was one of the most well-known bandits out there. He was only caught once in his entire criminal life.
One day, Tobias was taking the path down the woods. He was counting the gold coins he got from his latest theft, and thinking about a ledger that he stole from a farmer. That poor farmer used the ledger to have income... which I'm not sure how that works, but meh.
That path was very eerie. It was just... too quiet. People who took it sometimes felt like they were being watched, by something along the trees... and ofcourse, they thought it was the animals. But nope, it wasn't. Not ev
:iconxxwarbraveryxx:xXWarBraveryXx 1 14
Which one will you trust? :iconxxwarbraveryxx:xXWarBraveryXx 0 16
Thunder Clap (TC)
Full location is unknown. Time is unknown. But... it's happening in a containment cell. Two human females were thrown in to be tested on, with a strange being. It's a ten feet tall, yellow-furred bipedal buffed being, other characteristics unknown. What matters is, he and the poor girls...well... 'cuddled'. Just as expected by the ones who ran the lab.
They had twenty-five newborns, looking just like that thing. Except, of course, much smaller. Around... two feet tall. And not as... buff. The guards outside the cell looked in... surprise, and disgust. They didn't expect this to happen, unlike the chief of the lab who expected it.
... They simply freed the girls. They were traumatized after that. They terminated the being... and then isolated the twenty five children.
...Over time, there was another event that was uncalled for. The... kids started slowly killing off eachother. One after another... until only one remained.
They started studying the male. After some weeks, they realized t
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It started out as a normal day. Vial and Markos were hanging out... in Markos's castle. But they decided to go to the sand camp. Vial was in her blue drake form and Markos was... well, a human, like most of the time.
Vial was pregnant at the time. Y'know... DID DA DEEEEED with Markos... and well, it was... almost time for her to... give birth. I feel awkward as I type this. e-e
Then they arrived... it was... well, filled with the usual dragons. Tarn, Gleam... etcetra.
Markos entered the sand camp on his usual spot. He said: "Silence." The camp was quiet, no one had anything to talk about.
Vial shortly appeared on the other side of the camp, next to the tent. BLAHBLAHBLAH CASUAL CHAT STUFF.
... Vial lies on her back. It starts to hurt... quite a bit. More blahblahblah insert her giving birth THIS DOES NOT MATTER AT ALL. ...Anna came out...well, not in an egg, as you expect from a dragon. Something went on in there... But anyways,
... It was a beautiful human girl. ...A few minutes after
:iconxxwarbraveryxx:xXWarBraveryXx 0 5


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I'd like to thank you all so much for helping me achieve such great fame, glory and popularity! :d

NOTE: Yes, I faked this on purpose.
Gleam's Family Tree
Gleam's family tree. Since she doesn't even know half of them, I won't bother to put in her thoughts. Maybe. xD
Pryoma belongs to :iconmigratinghedgehog:
SS belongs to :iconshadowsnarekronosboy:
Illi & Dratine belong to :iconmorio569:
Maze & TiltedMirror belong to :iconhuggywuggybear:
Glacier belongs to :iconshaper-nesyo:
Arty & Lareth belong to a friend that does not have a dA acc xD
FrozenFlame belongs to an /awesome/ old friend I haven't seen in a while. Sorry your account got hacked, dude!
Shade, Aquilion, Snowstorm & Psyco belong to :icontheinsanenightlight:
Delsium belongs to :iconnemmyptl:
Cesium belongs to another good friend of mine I haven't seen in a while.
Zaza belongs to a person that wasn't really my friend but meh.
All others belong to :iconxxwarbraveryxx: :3
Sorry for taking a while on doing this, 'fellas. But here it is! :D

1. How long have you been on DeviantART? Around...two months.

2. What does your username mean? Well, It's a funny's with my addiction to Team Fortress 2. I just like the soldier...he's funny and strict. Basically me sometimes... and y'know, at the time there were alot of people with xX in their usernames. Only about now I figured it stands for MLG stuff. Soo yeah...I took the Soldier's personality, about war, added in bravery, because why not. One that goes to war is brave. Added in the xX's, and boom, done. :D

3. Describe yourself in three words. Funny, actually nice and a lot of people agree on crazy. xD

4. Are you left or right handed? Right handed. Actually, not really. I use both hands. Ambidextrous? I think that's the word...anyway it also depends on the action. Laptop is two-handed...writing is right-handed...eating is two-handed...

5. What was your first deviation? N.M.E: Rise of an Insane Empire. It was inspired by a joke I did on a roleplay.. until it became true. MAGIC!

6. What is your favourite type of art to create? I'm split inbetween pixel art and literature...

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Normal drawing. Somehow, my mom is perfect at that and I'm a piece of garbage. Lel!

8. What was your first favourite? Never really had any favourites so far...but I think I'll find one soon.

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Well, gotta say the visuals. They just have so much detail...

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? Don't have one. Have many. All my friends. <3

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? Definitely farsidejr. She's the one that brought me into this. X3

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? Well, farsidejr...I always wanted to make some type of art. But I can't draw that well, and I didn't really like to go into strange websites. But she insisted, and now I am proud to be posting my works here on dA.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art? Well, so far, the laptop. Pretty sure the other stuff is still far away.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? At home... I kinda just get up in the morning, stretching myself, or either in the night, on my phone, and sometimes think: "I think I'm gonna post something new on dA..."

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? Don't really have one 100%... but I liked it when I posted my first story and all of my friends instantly went ahead and slapped a comment on it, positive feedback, pointing out errors(farsidejr, da grammar police!), gave me llama badges... I also liked it when complete strangers liked my art. xD

That is pretty much it. Happy late b-day dA! :D


xXWarBraveryXx's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Literature
Welcome to my profile!
Most of the stuff I do here is literature. I do my best, and they are created from my imagination's very edges. So hope you enjoy 'em!
I however am considering to draw one of my characters...
If you dislike my works, atleast don't be too rude,please :|


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